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Introduction service
Through traffic is increasing
The network bandwidth has increased largely.
Introduction of dedicated lines between main areas and closed IP-VPNs in regional areas.
They used frame relay service to link their nation-wide sites as an in-company network but because the volume of the traffic between the sites were increasing, it was getting less effective.
They were looking for an optimum network with a new network technology.

Customer Overview

Company Name:
Manufacturers(Food manufacturer)

Introduction flow

Back ground

ISSUE1Due to traffic increase between the sites,intracompany network was getting less effective.

ARTERIA Networks proposal
ARTERIA Networks proposed "Merihari (Japanese word means accent)" network which is to link the major sites with large-bandwidth Wide-Area Ethernet and to link the regional sites with VECTANT closed IP service that uses NTT's Flets optical network as access circuit.
The head office had 1Gbps including the internet connection, the major sites secured 100Mbps connection and the regional sites had Flets 100Mbps best effort.

Customer's point of choice

POINT1Their point was, without increasing any more budget, how much they could expand the band-width.
Another point was as this was a replacement of the network they had already had, they would like to continue to use existing equipment.

POINT2At the head office, the highly flexible idea of sharing the internet connection was appreciated.

POINT3To the IP-VPN service, Global Access dealt with it one-stop that relieved the customers from compared process.


EFFECT1The network bandwidth has increased largely.

EFFECT2Comparing to previous system, the cost has stayed the same as it used to be.

EFFECT3Current equipment has been utilized.

Network Configuration Diagram