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Introduction service
Security concern
A network with a high level of security and quality could be implemented.
ARTERIA Networks proposed to implement an Ethernet leased circuit between the major access points in Japan to solve the customer’s problems – connecting major access points in Japan with a high level of circuits.
The customer was appreciative because the network could be implemented with a high level of security and quality. As a result, the internal system could be implemented as they wanted.

Customer Overview

Company Name:
Foreign- financial institution
Financial and insurance industry(Financial Institution)

Introduction flow

Back ground

ISSUE1The customer wanted to connect major access points in Japan with a circuit that has a high level of security.

ARTERIA Networks proposal
We proposed to implement dark fiber to connect near access points and an Ethernet leased circuit for far access points.

ISSUE2The security requirements must be satisfied.

1. Minimized failures -> Implementing the system with its own fiber without using NTT-DF.
2. Not using the switch -> The configuration must be safe even if a telecommunication carrier cannot "snoop".
3. Not using the fiber route on the electric pole -> The system may be easily affected by nature and there may be too many human-errors.

ARTERIA Networks proposal
Major access points: Implement its own fiber - underground cable - for fiber configuration that has route redundancy and implement the multiplexing equipment in TDM method that does not use switches.

Customer's point of choice

POINT1Configuration with its own fiber, without using the switches, without underground cable.

POINT2The fiber route and equipment configuration were explained in detail.

POINT3Response to the company's demand (cost review).


EFFECT1A network with a high level of security and quality could be implemented.

EFFECT2An internal system can be implemented according to the demand.

EFFECT3The cost could be reexamined.

Network Configuration Diagram