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Service Overview

A dedicated line service with SONET/SDH interface providing wide-bandwidth, highly reliable connection between two points

This service provides a dedicated line connecting customer sites using the SDH/SONET interface. A fixed bandwidth allocation provides a high quality communication environment that is not affected by traffic from other companies.
In addition, redundant circuits enable instant rerouting if the need should arise. 


  • Fixed bandwidth for each circuit
  • Redundant relay section

Fixed bandwidth for each circuit

This service uses the international standard SDH/SONET interface. With a highly reliable error detection function and fixed bandwidth allocation for each circuit, we offer a high quality communication environment that is unaffected by other companies’ traffic.

Redundant relay section

The relay section has redundancy to ensure reliability by automatically rerouting instantly if the need should arise.

Circuit Structure


Service area Metro area to medium to long distance 
Service Lineup STM-1 (150 Mbps), STM-4 (600 Mbps), STM-16 (2.5 Gbps), STM-64 (10 Gbps)

Plans and Pricing

Service Charges It depends on service section, bandwidth and service class. Please inquire for estimation.