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Service strengths

Large-capacity backbone and data centers

ARTERIA Networks Corporation is an accredited telecommunications operator providing state-of-the-art network services through its own large capacity fiber optic cable network in Japan.We provide comprehensive corporate network services, from infrastructure such as optical fiber and data centers to dedicated lines, closed VPN, and internet access.

Telecommunication infrastructure

ARTERIA Networks Corporation has established its own high-quality optical fiber in Japan using the latest optical connection technology for provision of dedicated line services with a fully guaranteed bandwidth. We also provide connections from international submarine cable landing stations to sites in Japan. In addition, we operate six urban data centers with excellent security and facilities in Tokyo and Osaka.


IP Backbone Networks

We perform over 200 peerings, including major Japanese ISPs, and connect directly with major networks overseas at our overseas bases to ensure external connection routes with outstanding reachability.

Domestic Backbone Networks

International Backbone Networks