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Site Policy

This website (the “Website”) is operated by ARTERIA Networks Corporation (the “Company”).
To use the content of the Website, please read the following terms and conditions and be sure that you agree with them. Please be aware that the following content may change without notice.



Use of the website is at the personal responsibility of the visitor. The Company does not guarantee in any way the accuracy or completeness of any of the information on the Website.
The Company does not accept any responsibility for any loss incurred by visitors due to information obtained from the Website. Furthermore, the Company does not accept any responsibility for any losses arising from use of information obtained from the Website or from other websites with links to the Website (including links from the Website). In addition, the material such as data posted on the Website and the composition, etc. of the Website may be changed or removed without notice.


Copyright and Trademarks

The copyright and other rights to the individual texts, figures, designs, images, photographs, and sounds, etc. on the Website (the “Website data, etc.”) belong to the Company or third parties. you may copy, transmit, distribute, modify, or delete, or similarly use the Website data, etc., without approval from the right-holder, except for cases allowed under the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations, such as printing or storing, etc. for personal use,

The names, logo marks, and other trademarks of products and services on the Website are owned by the Company or respective right-holders. Except for cases allowed under the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations, you may not use them without approval of the right-holder.


Protection of personal information on the Website

To provide visitor services, the Website may ask visitors to provide personal information. The collected personal information will only be used for the purpose agreed to by the visitor on the page of the Website where visitors are asked to provide personal information.


Obtaining visitors’ browsing information

The Website may obtain visitors’ browsing information. The obtained browsing information is used for collation and analysis of statistical data and for marketing analysis aligned to visitors’ characteristics and behavior. Furthermore, the browsing information obtained by the Company is as follows.

  • Information on pages accessed on the Website
  • Information about access to the Website
  • Information inputted by the visitor on the Website
The information obtained by the Company does not include information that identifies particular individuals. However, if the personal information becomes able to identify visitors in conjunction with information registered by visitors, etc. the Company will manage the information appropriately in accordance with the separately published sections: “Personal Information Protection Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information.”



Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

The Website uses technologies called cookies*1 and web beacons*2 to obtain visitors’ access information. The information obtained by both of these technologies is anonymous; no personal information such as visitors’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses is ever obtained. Visitors can change their own web browser settings to refuse cookies sent by the Website. Please be aware that in such cases the visitor may be unable to use the Website’s services normally. Web beacons will ascertain the status of access even if cookies are refused; however, the Company does not collect visitors’ personal information through web beacons.

*1 Cookies are a technology for identifying the computer used by a visitor to enable more convenient browsing when the visitor returns to visit the site again.
*2 Web beacons are a technology that can collect access data from customers computers through combined use with cookies to obtain statistics regarding the visitors browsing rate, etc. of specific web pages.


Online advertising

The Company uses the following behavior-targeting advertising. The company distributes advertising based on past access to the Website using cookies. Cookies do not contain information that can identify individuals. If you wish to deactivate behavior-targeting advertising services, access the following opt-out and follow the procedure to deactivate.