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Privacy Policy

ARTERIA Networks Corp. provides information services to its users through its broadband and telecommunication businesses.
Being profoundly aware of the importance of protecting the personal information of users, business partners, employees and other parties that are made available to the Company in the course of business, ARTERIA Networks Corp. has established and observes the following privacy policy in conducting corporate activities.

1.ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall comply with all laws, guidelines, rules and other standards established by the Japanese government on the handling of personal information and shall acquire, use and provide personal information only for specific purposes authorized to the extent necessary for business activities unless otherwise required by laws, ordinances or other regulations. Further, the Company shall implement measures to prevent the unauthorized use thereof.
The uses authorized by the Company are as separately set forth in the “Handling of Personal Information”.
ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall establish internal rules on the handling of personal information, familiarize all officers and employees with said rules, and ensure that personal information is handled in accordance therewith.

2.ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall devise reasonable safety, corrective and preventive measures that address the technical, organizational and other aspects of risks such as unauthorized access to personal information and leakage, loss and damage thereof.

3.ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall endeavor to protect personal information, requesting its business partners and other relevant parties to handle personal information appropriately in order to ensure the proper use and protection thereof.

4.ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall establish an inquiry & consultation desk and address, in good faith, requests from individuals to disclose, correct, partially delete or suspend the use of personal information held by the Company, as well as complaints and consultations relevant thereto.

5.ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve on a “personal information protection and management system”* for the protection and proper handling of personal information.
ARTERIA Networks Corp. shall announce any significant changes to its privacy policy by posting them on its web page.

* “Personal information protection management system”
This term is used to refer to a series of personal information protection efforts encompassing the formulation of policies, establishment of systems and structures, planning, implementation, inspection, review and revision.


Privacy Mark

Certification registration number 17002041 p_mark
Applicable standard JIS Q 15001: 2006
Registration Date September 16, 2014

Personal Information Inquiry & Consultation Desk, ARTERIA Networks Corporation

*Inquiries may be submitted by e-mail or regular mail in the Japanese language only.
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