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  • Privacy Policy
    ARTERIA Networks Corporation, TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC. and ARTERIA Engineering Corporation (hereinafter called “ARTERIA Group”) provide information and communication services to our users through broadband and telecommunication businesses and operation of esports competitions, etc., Being profoundly aware of the importance of protecting and strictly handling all of the personal information of users, business partners, employees and other parties that are made available to the Company in the course of business, ARTERIA Group has established and observes the following privacy policy in conducting corporate activities.

    ARTERIA Group shall comply with all laws, regulations, guidelines established by the Japanese government and other norms regarding the proper handling of personal information and shall collect, use and provide personal information only for purposes specified to the extent necessary for business activities unless otherwise stipulated by laws or other regulations. Further, we shall implement measures to prevent the unauthorized use thereof. Furthermore, personal information is not shared within the Group, except where it is permitted based on laws and regulations.
  • Establishment of Safety Management system (Measures)
    The Company will implement the following measures for appropriate handling of personal information (in this paragraph, “personal information” includes personal data held by the Company).
    ・We shall organize the steering committee which promotes personal information protection, oversees the establishment and operation of “Personal Information Protection Management System”.
    ・We shall devise reasonable safety, corrective and preventive measures that address the technical, organizational and other aspects of risks such as unauthorized access to personal information and leakage, loss and damage thereof.
    ・We shall establish internal rules regarding the proper handling of personal information, educate all of our executives and employees so that they understand the rules, importance of protecting personal information and handle personal information properly.
    ・We shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve “Personal Information Protection Management System” for the protection and proper handling of personal information.
  • Collection and Use of Personal Information
    • Purposes of Use
      ARTERIA Group shall use the collected personal information within the scope of the following unless otherwise stipulated by laws or other regulations.
      ・To provide the products and services which customers ordered
      ・To send various notices to the customers
      ・To contact for the purpose of the business-related communication
      ・To verify the identity of the inquirer and process the relevant inquiry
      ・To view personal information published on social media, etc., in order to ascertain the operation status of products and services
      ・To examine applicants’ qualifications on recruitment
      ・To conduct personnel and human resource management of employees
      ・For other purposes consented by customers themselves in advance
      ・To carry out the consignment work from business partners
    • Optionality of provision of personal information
      It is optional for our customers to provide personal information.
      However, if the customer doesn’t provide required information, ARTERIA Group may not be able to provide products and/or services the customer applied.
    • Provision of Personal Information to third parties
      ARTERIA Group may not provide personal information to third parties except in any of the cases below;
      ・When the customer agrees in advance, We may provide to the extent of consent.
      ・We will provide name and account number to financial institution with document or electronic data for billing and receiving concerning fees of services etc.
      ・When requested for disclosure based on laws and regulations, we may provide it to external organizations.

    • Outsourcing of handling of Personal Information
      ARTERIA Group may outsource to handle some or all of personal information to external suppliers in order to facilitate our business.
      In this case, we shall select external suppliers who handle personal information properly with adequate security control measures, conclude an outsourcing agreement with them, and obligate to take security control measures.
    • Information to be automatically collected
      ARTERIA Group have installed surveillance cameras in our facilities as physical security control measures. On our website, we record access logs to evaluate our own website. We may also use cookies and other tracking technologies. Should cookies be enabled on your browser, we will obtain information stored in the cookies (It may include but not limited to the name of the domain, name of the host, IP address, type of browser and OS, order of clicks, and dates and times the site was accessed).
  • Inquiries about Personal Information
    • ARTERIA Group shall address, in good faith, requests from a customer or his/her agent for disclosure, correction, stoppage of use, or stoppage of provision to third parties of the personal data retained by ARTERIA Group, complying with relevant laws. Please direct all such requests to the Inquiry & Consultation Desk at each Group company. For inquiries concerning personal information, personal identification documents are required as a proof of identity of the customer or his/her agent.
    • For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact the Inquiries below. Depending on the contents of the inquiry, there may be cases where personal identification documents are required as a proof of principal or his/her agent’s identity.

      【Personal Information Inquiry & Consultation Desk, ARTERIA Networks Corporation】
      *Inquiries may be submitted by e-mail or regular mail in the Japanese language only.
      E-mail: privacy-policy@arteria-net.com
      Sumitomo Fudosan Shimbashi Building, 6-9-8, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan

      【Personal Information Inquiry & Consultation Desk, TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC.】
      *Inquiries may be submitted by e-mail in the Japanese language only.
      E-mail: privacy@tsunagunet.com

This policy shall be enforced from June 28 2024.

Tatsuya Abe
Representative Director, President, ARTERIA Networks Corporation

Norimasa Gaun
Representative Director President, TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC.

Noriyuki Minamikawa
Representative Director President, ARTERIA Engineering Corporation

Toru Kobayashi
Representative Director President, GameWith ARTERIA Corporation

Information Security Policy

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Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2022
Initial registration date March 10, 2006
Registered Office ARTERIA Group
(ARTERIA Networks Corporation/TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC./ARTERIA Engineering Corporation/GameWith ARTERIA Corporation)

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5. The operation of distribution studios for esports competitions.
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