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Quality Policy


  • We will first consider value for our customers, working to increase customer satisfaction. We will build and continuously improve a quality management system to meet customers’ requirements.  
  • Every employee shall work quickly and sincerely, with their own awareness of quality.  
  • We will address change and constantly pursue innovation to be a company that provides telecommunication services of the optimal quality as required.  
  • We will maintain mutual trust with our customers and business partners, observe relevant laws, regulations, social norms, and internal rules, and upholding our social responsibilities in our business activities.  


Policy established: October 19, 2015
Most recent update: April 1, 2018

Acquisition of QMS Certification

Certification Registration Number FS 678978
Applied Standard ISO 9001:2015
Initial Registration Date March 3, 2016
Scope of Application ARTERIA Group
(ARTERIA Networks Corporation, TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIOSN INC., ARTERIA Engineering Corporation)

Planning and development, sales, planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance related to the following businesses:
1. Telecommunications business
2. Data center business
3. Electricity related business for condominiums
4. Telecommunications construction business