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Security Policy

As a pioneer in information and communications services, ARTERIA Group will continue to contribute to the realization of a productive communications society by identifying changing social needs, recognizing customer needs, and providing secure and dependable network services along with a range of other invaluable offerings. For that purpose, as a telecommunications carrier providing network infrastructure and an IT service provider, ARTERIA Group recognizes that appropriately protecting all information assets entrusted by its customers and business partners constitutes an important business challenge. In order to live up to the trust of its customers and the society, ARTERIA Group has formulated strict information security policies and declares to continuously promote these policies.


  • Information Security organ
    ARTERIA Group promotes information security and set up information security Committee to supervise the government and construction. The committee is decision organizations of an aim or a direction of the information security of the important matter, and our officer serve the role of the chairperson and ARTERIA Group establish Audit team which is secured independence. ARTERIA Group realizes the continuous information security system through the organization.
  • System of the information security measure
    On information security promotion, ARTERIA Group establishes an information security management system (ISMS). Along the system, ARTERIA Group protects confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information asset and conduct physical measure/ human measure/ technological measure to continue a business.
    a) Physical measure: Locking and restriction of the room etc.
    b) Human measure: Education, training and complying and following manuals etc.
    c) Technological measure: equipment and line redundancies and installing firewall etc.
  • Business demand and Legal demand
    Consider business demand and legal demand to constitute and operate information security.
    a) Business demand: Demand of interested party including customers and demand to maintain and extend business.
    b) Legal demand: Japanese law such as Telecommunication business law that ARTERIA Group should rightly comply and observance matter which is demanded as industry-standard.
  • Risk management
    To constitute and operate information security, ARTERIA Group evaluates the importance of information and manage risk assessment ARTERIA Group manage risk appropriately. To realize this management, ARTERIA Group establishes an appropriate risk assessment criterion and technique of systematic risk assessment.
  • Security Policy
    The basic policies shall be written taking the characteristics, organization, address, and technologies of the business into consideration. Moreover, it shall be reviewed regularly in order to guarantee that the contents remain pertinent at all times.

October 20, 2023
ARTERIA Networks Corporation
Representative Director President CEO:Tatsuya Abe


Certification registration number IS645083
Applicable standard ISO/IEC 27001:2022
Registration date March 10, 2006
Scope of application ARTERIA Group
(ARTERIA Networks Corporation / TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC. / ARTERIA Engineering Corporation / GameWith ARTERIA Corporation)

The planning and development, sales, design, construction, operation and maintenance related to the following businesses.
1. Telecommunications business.
2. Data center business.
3. Power-related business for condos.
4. Telecommunications construction business.
5. The operation of distribution studios for esports competitions.
Statement of Applicability, Version 5.