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  1. CEO Message

CEO Message


  The pace of change in our world today is accelerating exponentially. The internet has become a universal part of our social infrastructure, and IoT, cloud computing, AI and other technologies are literally changing our lifestyles and corporate activities every hour of every day. In this environment, with every part of the world gradually becoming networked, the role of providing high speed, high volume, secure telecommunications is analogous to that of an arterial system giving life to this transformation.

  ARTERIA Networks has played a unique role in Japan’s IT industry to date. Since the dawn of optical fiber, we have built nationwide backbone networks, established our own IP network, provided original services, and gone the extra mile to provide complete optical fiber access. The predecessor companies that formed ARTERIA were passionate about telecommunications in Japan, and it was their innovative initiatives and efforts that pioneered this new era.

  Today, our scale has grown through mergers and we now offer a comprehensive range of services. Nevertheless, the frontier spirit of our predecessors is still a core part of ARTERIA’s DNA, and the root of our desire to remain constantly innovative. Our thirst for innovation today is driven by the strong positive response we have received from customers and partners in network-building with dedicated lines, VPN’s and so forth, internet connections for companies, and in the residential field, where we have created a business model of providing building-wide internet services to condominiums.

  ARTERIA will continue seeking to be an innovator. As a true challenger, our principles of action are to always remain focused on our customers, gain a deep understanding of their needs, and realize solutions for them with flexibility and speed. We will take on new opportunities in each customer segment and service proactively and with thoroughness. In fields where we can leverage our strengths, such as addressing the needs of urban areas and businesses, we will hone our unrivalled capabilities, invest aggressively in technology, and work through partnerships to diversify our services, keeping them relevant amid the changes in the times. We will strive to expand our arena both selectively and strategically.

  However, given the rapid speed of change and uncertain direction of the future in today’s environment, it is impossible to anticipate the future accurately. For ARTERIA to continue being an innovator, it is most important that we develop a corporate culture that constantly enables innovation. We must ensure that every employee of ARTERIA is an innovator at the individual level.

  We will boldly engage in new directions that we have identified while grasping the trends in our times and technology from a broad perspective, adjusting our trajectory with agility as needed. We will look to nurture and grow the seeds of innovation with our customers and partners. Our goal is to become an information communications platform for a new era, and through this platform, we seek to contribute in some way to significant progress for society overall. This is the shared aspiration of every ARTERIA employee.

 I hope that you will continue to give us your guidance and support going forward.

Jun Kawakami
Representative Director, President & CEO