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ARTERIA Group Brand

ARTERIA Group Tag Line, Manifesto

We have reached a turning point in workstyles and lifestyles.
Today’s world relies on the availability of safe, reliable communications at all times and in every situation.
Networks are becoming ever more important as the infrastructure supporting 5G, IoT, and society.

The world is moving into a new era.

ARTERIA is taking the first step towards opening up the networks and services it has developed and refined to all people.

For business, for life. For companies, and for individuals.
By expanding our networks beyond our current domains, making these vital arteries of the world even bigger and faster, and extending them to even further extremities, we will excite the world with a new heartbeat.

ARTERIA will pursue a sustainable world through networks.
The future where everything is connected as one starts today.

Origin of ARTERIA

ARTERIA is the Latin word for “Arteries.” Just as arteries circulate blood to enable life, movement and growth,we circulate information quickly and accurately to every part of the network. Our goal is to empower people in their lives and corporations in their businesses, helping them to evolve.