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Mid-Term Plan

FY2021-2025 Mid-Term Plan

Main measures for FY21-25 and earnings targets for FY25 (excl. M&A)

Aim for market capitalization of over 200bn yen through continued investments towards sustainable growth

※Targeting sales of 100.0bn yen including M&A





Net sales

54.5bn yen

65.0bn yen

80.0bn yen

Operating profit

9.3bn yen

11.5bn yen

15.0bn yen

EBITDA margin

30.0% or higher

Dividend payout ratio

Target 50% (biannual dividends)

FY21-FY25 management strategy framework

Measures for growing the core business

  • Gain further demand by optimizing and updating FTTx network
  • Enhance customization capabilities to generate added value and aim to capture more network demand from OTTs※1
  • Accelerate growth in the rental market in addition to the owned condo market and further consolidate leading position

Measures for incorporating a new growth portfolio

  • Respond to soaring demand for telecommuting by building a D2C service platform for condominium residents
  • Use the D2C※2 service platform to expand the range of customers to SOHOs, and corporations
  • Capture growth domains through M&A or business alliances, accelerate expansion of the non-telecommunications business

Pursue planet-friendly management by addressing workstyle reform (Hatarakikata Kaikaku) and SDGs

  • Use clean energy in provisioning to condos and contribute to a decarbonized society through the provision of telecommuting solutions etc
  • Upgrade to highly energy-efficient internal system and strengthen security by implementing zero-trust※3security
  • Enhance development of human resources, implement diversity and reform workstyles through roll out of satellite offices etc.

1 Over The Top

2 Direct To Consumer

3 Network environment in which no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and users and devices are constantly monitored.