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Diverse Work Styles at ARTERIA Group


Super Flextime System

This system allows individual employees to determine their working hours freely to suit their job and lifestyle, so they do not have to adhere to a uniform start time or set daily working hours. The system enables employees to achieve a harmonious balance between work and personal life, and to work efficiently. There are no core hours during which they must be present at work, which allows for a more flexible work style.

Telework System

This system enables employees to work from home or other locations. It creates an environment where employees can establish individual workstyles and work flexibly and efficiently. We have seen various effects from using the system, such as making effective use of commute time and work efficiency gains. The Group allows employees to use telework for up to 10 days per month, and the system is available to all divisions in the Company.

Refresh Day

Every Wednesday, employees are encouraged to leave the office at the regular time of 17:30, regardless of what time they started.Employees use the time after leaving the office in all kinds of ways. For example, some undertake self-improvement through study to acquire languages and qualifications, while others exercise at a sports club or gym to refresh both mind and body. Still others spend time having a relaxing evening meal with their family, or enjoying personal private time.Another benefit of this program has been an increase in work efficiency as each employee works hard to be able to leave the office at the regular time.

Reduced Working Hours during Childrearing System (Until children reach the third grade of elementary school)

This system allows employees to work shorter hours while raising children. Under the Group’s Reduced Working Hours during Childrearing System, employees can reduce their working hours by up to 2 hours (actual worktime can be 5.5 hours) until their children reach the third grade of elementary school. Other systems include Childrearing Leave (100% usage rate among female employees) and Child Nursing Leave. With these systems, the ARTERIA Group has created an environment where employees can undertake both work with childrearing.

Overtime (Non-Statutory)

With the use of these various systems, the average amount of overtime per month (non-statutory) for fiscal 2018 was 12 hours.


This is a system for working attire aimed at fostering a culture where employees can be richly imaginative and create their own ideas, then act on them. We have abolished the distinctions between casual and formal attire, allowing employees to select their own attire according to what they deem most appropriate while observing minimum guidelines.