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Internet Access

Our backbone offers high quality, large capacity connections at low cost

We offer a wide-ranging line-up of services, including dedicated circuits with a single optical fiber line provided directly to each customer using our own lines, services that support FLET’S HIKARI provided by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone EAST Corporation (NTT EAST) and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone WEST Corporation (NTT WEST), in addition to mobile services that use NTT DOCOMO INC.’s (NTT DOCOMO) LTE service, Xi® (“crossy”), and transit services that provide a stable internet connection environment with our large-capacity backbone.We are also phasing in IPv6 support and will propose optimal services to meet customers’ needs.

Service strengths—Internet(※Japanese)

Measures to provide security

Countering increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks has become an urgent issue as damage to security systems from targeted cyber attacks continues to increase. ARTERIA has been working on a range of security measures to create internet environments that customers can use with confidence.

Internet Access