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IP Transit Service

Service Overview

As an ISP, we have been highly rated for quality and reliability. We provide our internet connection services to xSPs.

The VECTANT IP Transit Service is a high quality internet connection service for xSP providers, using BGP as the routing protocol. VECTANT (AS2519) is one of the longest-running ISPs in Japan and is a popular choice for xSPs and CATV providers who require large capacity, high quality, and low cost.
We conduct over 200 pairings, including major Japanese ISPs, and secure external connection routes with excellent reachability. Moreover, by connecting with multiple overseas transits, we spread the risk during faults to ensure as much availability as possible.

Features of the IP transit service

  1. FEATURE 1

    Reliable AS2519

  2. FEATURE 2

    IPv6 Capability

  3. FEATURE 3

    Monitoring, Fault Reception, and Response

  4. FEATURE 4

    Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Reliable AS2519

ARTERIA Networks is one of Japan’s longest-running ISPs, acquiring the AS number AS2519 in September 1994. As an ISP, we are highly rated for quality and reliability, and today we provide internet connections to major ISPs and CATV providers in Japan.

IPv6 Capability

On a single line, we offer a selection of IPv4 only, IPv6 only, or combined IPv4/IPv6 to suit the usage format.

Monitoring, Fault Reception, and Response

We provide 24-hour, year-round, manned monitoring of target zones. If an alert is detected on a customers’ storage interface, we notify their designated emergency contact by phone, then by email. In addition, if a fault occurs in any of a customers stored equipment, we notify them with an announcement email.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We have introduced SLAs to guarantee provision of high quality, reliably internet connection services. Under the VECTANT SLA, customers using covered services can determine the service quality items, such as “availability,” “network delay time,” and “fault notification,” and set levels for each of them. If the actual level falls below the guaranteed level, the monthly service charge is reduced.

Conceptual Image of Access

We have built a backbone network in Japan to secure adequate backbone capacity for external connections such as domestic IX, our upstream transit provider, and private peering.




Full-route provision on global AS (AS2519) on internet backbone.

  • *Simultaneous connection with free peers is not available.
    Protocol BGP
    Connection format Dedicated line/on-site/IX
    single line/multiple line connections are available

Plans and Pricing

Users have a choice between two plans depending on traffic pattern: flat-rate and metered. The metered connection offers a further choice in terms of billing method. Please inquire for further details of individual calculations.

●Flat-rate plan

Customers are allocated a set bandwidth for their ports, and they are billed at a monthly flat rate.

Product speed Interface Characteristic
200Mbps~1Gbps 1000BASE-SX A set bandwidth is allocated, and customers are billed at a monthly flat rate.
~10Gbps 10GBASE-LR
~100Gbps 100GBASE-LR4R

●Metered plan

Customers are billed for the amount of bandwidth used each month.

  • 1)95% billing method
    The upper 5% of the traffic is excluded from billing, and the fee is calculated based on the customer’s actual usage. This billing method allows users to keep their connection fee down during normal times while also coping with unpredictable surges in traffic.

  • 2)Average billing method
    Uplink and downlink usage traffic are each measured at five minute intervals, and the average value for the five minutes is calculated. The monthly average is calculated and the larger of uplink or downlink traffic is used as the average for billing.
Product speed Interface Characteristic
~1Gbps 1000BASE-SX Customers are billed based on actual bandwidth used on a 1 Gbps connection.
~10Gbps 10GBASE-LR
Customers are billed based on actual bandwidth used on a 10 Gbps connection.
~100Gbps 100GBASE-LR4 Customers are billed based on actual bandwidth used on a 100 Gbps connection.