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Peering Policy

ARTERIA Networks Corporation(AS2519) has established the following peering policy and is promoting peering.

Your merit peering with us

We’re one of the largest ISP in Japan and provide many customers with transit service. Below our network, we have many eyeball traffic and contents traffic. If you peer with us, you can get a good reachability to kind of Japanese traffic.

Our presence

Please check our peering DB

Our peering policy

Basically, our peering policy is selective. Requirements are as follows.

  • The traffic volume between you and us need to reach out to 50Mbps at peak.
  • (In case of IX peering)You have common IX connection points with us.
  • (In case of private peering)You have a private peering facility in Japan or a common private peering facility in overseas.(out of Japan)
  • You’re NOT our transit customer or potential customer.


Please feel free to contact our peering team. We will get back to you in a few days.
peering team:peer@vectant.ad.jp
* Please replace @ with half-width characters.


For more detailed information, please check our peering DB’s page.

As of 2021/03/01