When was ARTERIA established?


ARTERIA was established in November, 1997. (Global Access Ltd.)




When did ARTERIA go public?


December 12, 2018.




Where is ARTERIA listed?


We are listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.




What is the stock ticker number of ARTERIA?


ARTERIA’s ticker is 4423.




When is the fisical year-end?


ARTERIA’s fiscal year ends March.




When is the announcement of financial results?


We announce our financial results quarterly.Please refer to Investor Relations > IR Calendar




When is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?


Please refer to Investor Relations > IR Calendar




Are there any shareholder benefits?


We are currently not planning any shareholders’ benefits.




What is the notification procedure for changes in shareholders’ information?


Regarding various procedures concering our shares, please contact the security company that administrates your trading account.