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ARTERIA Networks begins offering leased circuit services “DynaEther” for the Topaz submarine cable
~Contributing to the resilience of Japan's digital infrastructure by providing backhaul from the landing station of a submarine cable connecting Japan and Canada to major data centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

ARTERIA Networks Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tatsuya Abe, Hereafter: ARTERIA) has started offering leased circuit services “DynaEther” from the landing station in Takahagi, Ibaraki prefecture, to major data centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area to provide seamless connectivity between Japan and Canada via Topaz, the world's first submarine cable to directly connect Japan and Canada.

Contribution of ARTERIA for Topaz submarine cable/ Leased Circuit Services

The Topaz submarine cable has landings in Takahagi, Ibaraki, and Shima, Mie.
In 2020, ARTERIA started to work on the development of the landing facilities for the Topaz submarine cable in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. We have been preparing for the launch of this service. ARTERIA is a Landing Party for the Topaz submarine cable, providing landing services including operations and maintenance at the landing station located in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
In order to meet the needs of customers requiring access to major data centers in the Inzai and Tokyo metropolitan area from the Takahagi landing station, ARTERIA has installed a system for dedicated leased circuit services into the landing station. This allows DynaEther, a low-latency, high-quality dedicated line service of up to 100 Gbps, to be available within a short delivery time for those customers.

To build more Resilience in Japan's Digital Infrastructure

Connectivity between Tokyo – the heart of the Internet in Japan – and overseas has historically been concentrated in Minami-boso, Chiba Prefecture. The Ibaraki region, including Takahagi, has not had any submarine cable landing for over ten years until the arrival of Topaz which ARTERIA has supported. With the landing of the Topaz submarine cables, it is expected that the future telecommunications traffic from overseas to the Tokyo metropolitan area will be distributed to Ibaraki Prefecture, contributing to the resilience of Japan's digital infrastructure.

ARTERIA has been actively strengthening and expanding its optical fiber network to provide high-quality network services to large-scale data centers in the Inzai area. With the launch of this leased circuit services for Topaz submarine cable, enterprises and businesses that provide cloud services through their data centers in Inzai will also be able to accessthe landing station that connects to a new international submarine cable in the northern area of Ibaraki Prefecture.

As announced in Google Cloud Blog (https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/infrastructure/pacific-connect-initiative-to-expand?hl=en), the landing facilities in Takahagi which we built for the Topaz submarine cable project can be leveraged for future submarine cable projects, including new systems to be built as part of the Pacific Connect initiative in collaboration with Google and a number of other partners.

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Overview of leased circuit service “DynaEther”

DynaEther is a dedicated-leased circuit service for a fully bandwidth-guaranteed Ethernet interface connecting two locations. It covers medium and long distances between metro areas and provides services to a wide range of customers from telecommunications carriers to corporate customers.

High quality and reliable full bandwidth guarantee

Because fixed bandwidth is allocated per line, bandwidth is fully guaranteed and robust security is provided.


There are no restrictions on Layer 3 or higher protocols, so it can be used widely.

Secure link-down forwarding

In the event of a line failure, the service has a link disconnection forwarding function that can notify the customer of the failure quickly by turning off the link of USER port of the circuit terminating equipment automatically and minimize the impact of the failure by switching to the redundant path at the customer’s equipment.

[Overview of Topaz submarine cable]

The first Canada-Japan direct submarine fiber-optic cable, Topaz runs from Vancouver to Port Alberni, Canada, and across the Pacific, connect Ibaraki prefecture in Japan (Takahagi City) and Mie prefecture (Shima City) and become ready for service in 2023, not only delivering low-latency access to Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Cloud, and other Google services, but also increasing capacity to the region for a variety of network operators in both Japan and Canada.

ARTERIA Networks Corporation Corporate Profile
Representative Tatsuya Abe President and CEO
Address Sumitomo Fudosan Shimbashi Building, 6-9-8 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founded November 4, 1997

About ARTERIA Networks

Since its establishment in 1997, the company has developed a network business service that utilizes the company's proprietary high-capacity optical fiber backbone and access line to create a customized network environment tailored to corporate customers' needs; an internet business service that provides proprietary high-speed, stable communications based on leased circuits; and a condominium internet business service that has the No. 1*1 share of the market in Japan (condominium internet service provider: Group company TSUNAGU Network Communications Inc). Building upon these services as a foundation, they continue to expand their DX services to create new value.
In the "Nikkei Computer August 31, 2023 issue, Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023-2024," the company was awarded first place in the "Network Services Category" for the second consecutive year.

Connecting New Abilities

ARTERIA Networks will excite the world with a new heartbeat, using the networks that it has built and refined in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world.


*1 MM Research Institute, Ltd., “Market Share Survey of All-House Condominium ISPs (As of March 31,2023)”

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