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Introduction service
Communication quality is unsatisfactory
Transmission delays decreased

The customer is using a wide area Ethernet service from the existing carrier but a complicated network has been configured, and therefore there are large transmission delays.
The customer was not satisfied. In response to the customer’s request to implement a network that has small transmission delays, we proposed “Dyna Ether Wide”.
The customer was appreciative because the delays were small and the circuit was very “easy to use” as a line required for high-quality network for research.

Customer Overview

Company Name:
Governmental research institute
Research institutions(Scientific research organization)

Introduction flow

Back ground

ISSUE1The wide area Ethernet service from the existing carrier has large transmission delays.

ARTERIA Networks proposal
DynaEther-Wide is proposed. It is a network with a simple switch configuration, easily solving the transmission delay problem.

Customer's point of choice

POINT1It was verified that transmission delays were small.

POINT2The customer wanted to implement the circuit on their own or with other company's dark fiber; they could verify high reliability - that was advantageous.


EFFECT1Transmission delays decreased.

EFFECT2It is very "easy to use" as a circuit required for a high quality network for research.

Network Configuration Diagram