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  1. Governmental research institute

Governmental research institute

The customer is using a wide area Ethernet service from the existing carrier but a complicated network has been configured, and therefore there are large transmission delays.
The customer was not satisfied. In response to the customer’s request to implement a network that has small transmission delays, we proposed “Dyna Ether Wide”.

The customer was appreciative because the delays were small and the circuit was very “easy to use” as a line required for high-quality network for research.

Type of Business Scientific research organization
Task Communication quality is unsatisfactory

DynaEther Wide

  • Summary

Introduction Flow

Back ground

The wide area Ethernet service from the existing carrier has large transmission delays.

ARTERIA Networks proposal

DynaEther-Wide is proposed. It is a network with a simple switch configuration, easily solving the transmission delay problem.

Customer's point of choice

  • It was verified that transmission delays were small.
  • The customer wanted to implement the circuit on their own or with other company's dark fiber; they could verify high reliability - that was advantageous.


  • Transmission delays decreased.
  • It is very "easy to use" as a circuit required for a high quality network for research.

Network Configuration Diagram

Network Configuration Diagram

Customers Overview

Governmental research institute

Service at This Time

DynaEther Wide
DynaEther Wide
A multipoint connection service to connect multiple LANs over layer 2