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Foreign-affiliated telecommunication carrier

Communication costs must be improved
Reliable circuits were procured at lower cost.
This is a case of a telecommunication carrier that provides a communication service for Japanese companies from multiple telecom centers in Tokyo, using proprietary international submarine cables.
When the company wanted to deploy a new service, requiring more circuit capacity.
However, the circuits of the existing carrier were expensive –
We proposed the SDH/SONET leased circuit as the backhaul circuit that connects the international submarine cable and the telecom centers in Tokyo.
The circuits could be procured with higher reliability and at lower cost – contributing to smooth deployment of the new service.
They are appreciative of our efforts to add more circuit capacity due to an increased customer base.

Customer Overview

Company Name:
Foreign-affiliated telecommunication carrier
IT industry(telecommunication carrier)

Introduction flow

Back ground

ISSUE1More circuit capacity is needed but the price of the existing carrier circuit is expensive.

ARTERIA Networks proposal
We proposed a redundant SDH/SONET leased circuits from the landing station (international submarine cable) to the telecom centers in Tokyo. In most landing stations and data centers in Tokyo, we have installed our proprietary fiber. We proposed a "quick delivery".

Customer's point of choice

POINT1Reliable circuits with complete redundancy at low cost were proposed.

POINT2"Quick delivery" was committed.


EFFECT1Reliable circuits were procured at lower cost.

EFFECT2Quick implementation allowed a smooth deployment of the new service.

EFFECT3Circuit capacity can be easily increased when the customer base expands.

Network Configuration Diagram